Things To Do

Located on Wharf Street in Wellington

Located on Wharf Street, the Cribs are a short walking distance from beaches, bars and restaurants. Great options for breakfast and coffee a short stroll away. A great place to visit in the Spring and Fall, Cribs is the perfect spot for a couples retreat. A short bike ride from area wineries, you’ll have tons of fun on day trips and there are lots of tours available locally.

Visit Sandbanks provincial park which boasts the world’s largest freshwater sand dunes. White sandy beaches and tons of awesome biking and walking paths. Visited by tourists from around the world, the area is know for it’s fishing, birding, boating, nature and ample beauty. Escape to a rural town full of wonder and surprise.

Meet great artists, makers and growers. Indulge at the Saturday market. Cuddle on a blanket and watch the sunset over Lake Ontario at a local park or beach. Take in a Thursday or Friday night band, watch the game or just stay in your enormous bed.