Destination Prince Edward County

Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario you’ll find Prince Edward County – a little slice of paradise that’s almost surprising for Canada – but makes total sense if you’ve been here. Benefiting from amazing weather, natural features, and warm-hearted people, The County (as locals call it) is home to an amazing array of bustling businesses and famous far and wide for being a destination for nature lovers, wine lovers, and, well, love lovers.

Some of the most amazing wine in the country is grown from sun-kissed vines in the County.

Amazing restaurants serve up incredible cuisine that is inspired by the flavours of the harvest. Local ingredients are key here, as there is an endless supply of amazing produce and products. Local distilleries, breweries, cideries, and artisans make handmade products that you’ll never find anywhere else – and it’s all so close to each other that it’s a wonder anyone gets anything done around here.

With all this talk of eating and drinking, we almost forgot to mention one of the key features of the County – the amazing nature. World-famous Sandbanks Provincial Park features towering sand dunes that look like a science fiction film. There are amazing bridges and rivers that can take you into marshlands or open water. There are stunning vistas that stretch as far as you can see, whether it be beautiful rustic farmland, incredible forestry, or endless lake view horizons, the County is home to more natural beauty than you can imagine.